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5 Reasons to Splurge on Pricey Yoga Pants

When I began practicing yoga over 10 years ago, I bought a crappy inexpensive mat at a mall kiosk and wore some cheap tank top and leggings I had from my high school gym class days. I quickly realized that if you chintz out on gear, you'll pay for it in the end. My mat began to disintegrate before my eyes, and my pants, well I didn't originally buy them with a hole in the crotch. I saved my moolah and bought a Manduka Black Mat (that I've had since '99), and every year or so I invest in some quality yoga clothes. These Wunder Under Crop leggings from Lululemon cost a pretty penny at $68, but they are completely worth it. If you need a reason to splurge on some pricey knickers you're just going to sweat in, here are five.

  1. You'll save money since your pants will last for years, withstanding daily wear, sweat, and numerous trips through the washing machine. Just be sure to let your clothes air dry so they last even longer.
  2. You won't have to worry about embarrassing indecent exposures from seams that come undone or see-through material that lets everyone know what color your undies are.
  3. The fabric is more technical so it performs well, won't stretch out, and it prevents uncomfortable chaffing and rashes. And when you're sweating during a workout, you definitely want high quality wicking material that dries fast.
  4. Higher prices mean high quality, so they look better, which means you can feel good about wearing them out for a post-yoga class lunch date or grocery store run.
  5. Splurging on expensive yoga clothes will inspire you to work out, meaning you will get your money's worth. Ultimately a pricey pair of capris helps you keep up with your healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals.
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Meddy15277792 Meddy15277792 3 years
I recommend the Lace Pocket Capri best caprie i have ever owned
DoYogaLisa DoYogaLisa 5 years
I beg to disagree. There is no reason to spend lots of money on yoga attire or mats. Cotton pants are fine, and cotton with 5% spandex will last, wash after wash. The prices on the web for yoga pants are outrageous.
bjeanne18 bjeanne18 6 years
This is so true - I had Forever 21 workout capris that tore in the crotch during yoga and I was devastated! Since then I've tried the Lululemon Run Inspire Crops and love those... but, if you're looking for good quality yet a little cheaper than Lululemon try the UnderArmor Heat Gear Capris which are $35! They are plain, and don't have a hidden compartment for your key, but they get the job done too :)
Advah Advah 6 years
Not exactly that quality, but I bought two pairs of cropped VS yoga pants last year to replace the old stretched out comfy pants I'd had for about ten years. Made a HUGE difference! They're super comfy, I don't step on undone hems, the waist isn't too low so it still covers my belly no matter what the pose is, and it definitely is a motivation for working out and doing yoga! And I've been drooling over those Zobha tops featured on Fitsugar for months. Next step..
imLissy imLissy 6 years
I would love expensive workout clothes, but I can't buy pants online. 99% of the time they don't fit. I can't find pants that fit in the store either. I buy the kids size yoga pants at old navy.
Michele-Foley Michele-Foley 6 years
I pretty much live in my Zobha capris, which are priced at $68. I used to buy leggings from Old Navy, but once I saw the difference in quality, I can't go back. Wunder Unders from lululemon are definitely on my list to try.
Angelica-Marden Angelica-Marden 6 years
The Wunder Under Crop leggings are the best — and totally worth the price. They are the only workout pants I wear, whether I'm running, doing Bar Method or yoga. They fabric is just thick enough that I don't feel self conscious, but the fact that they are leggings means I don't have fabric flowing all over the place and restricting me. Clearly, I'm a fan.
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