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Reasons to Wake Up 10 Minutes Earlier

Minutes to a Healthier You: Wake Up 10 Minutes Early

Whether you're a morning person or not, we can all use a few extra minutes of "me time." To ensure that you get it, set your alarm to go off 10 minutes earlier than normal. Use those extra 10 minutes to do something that you know will make you feel more energetic, relaxed, or de-stressed — whatever your needs are.

It may be hard to make the alarm clock adjustment, but it's a small change that will make a difference. Try these morning yoga poses, read a few pages of your favorite book, meditate, stretch, drink your coffee in silence, or use the extra time to create a wholesome breakfast. Ten minutes may not seem like much, but it'll set a positive mood for the rest of your day. Let us know how you plan on spending your 10 minutes of "me time"!

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