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Reasons Why You Don't Use Your Gym Membership

Why You're Not Using Your Gym Membership

If the last time you set foot in your gym was around the time you signed your contract in January, your gym routine is in obviously need of a jumpstart. Here are some reasons why you may be skipping out on the gym.

It's too far: You picked your gym for its amenities and thought you'd be okay making the trek. But flash-forward to six months in and the thought of getting in your car and driving all the way to your gym makes you want to crawl to your couch. Joining a gym that's out of the way of your normal routine may be a major reason why you never go, so if you're gym is far, you may want to switch to one that's closer, or forgo the gym altogether for working out at home.

You go at the wrong time: Waiting for the treadmill, lining up for the shower, jockeying for some mirror time — all of these minor annoyances can add up until your quick trips to the gym are turning into hours-long affairs. Your gym time may also be a deterrent if you always shirk an after-work gym trip for happy hour or dinner plans. If you can, try finding a time that works for you that's off-peak so you're not distracted from your workout.


You don't like the atmosphere: Choosing the right gym for you depends on several factors, including whether or not you like your gym's personality. If you're more of a T-shirt and shorts type while everyone else never hits the gym floor without a full face of makeup or if you can't hear your iPod over the grunting from the weight room, you may find yourself dreading to sweat it out with your gym's clientele. Gym culture is an important aspect of sticking with your workout routine, so make sure you're truthful with yourself about what you when when it comes to a gym's atmosphere.

Your gym doesn't have what you need: You signed up thinking you'd only use the elliptical, but have since found the joys of Zumba class elsewhere. While paying extra for a studio package to supplement your gym routine can be a good idea, if you're always neglecting your gym in favor of your studio habit, it may be time to stop paying double by finding a gym that fits all your class needs.

If any of these factors are forcing you to avoid the gym, now's the time to reevaluate your contract. If you cancel your membership but still need a gym, read our tips for choosing the right gym for you here.

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