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Recap of Jackie Warner's Thintervention Show, "Uphill Battle" Episode

Thintervention: Do You Eat Breakfast Before A.M. Workouts?

On this week's Thintervention, the contestants were broken up into teams and pitted against one another in rigorous workout challenges. The episode's drama overshadowed most of the lessons learned, but the competition offered a solid meter for how far the contestants have to go this season — Stacey got wheezy, and Nikki wondered if she was still drunk from the night before. Drama overload! Thankfully, it wasn't all a struggle. I was encouraged to see one of the younger contestants, Shannon, eating breakfast before a workout. There are plenty of health myths on the topic, but fueling your body with breakfast before morning workouts is paramount, even if it's a just a snack that contains 100 to 200 calories. Do you grab a bite before you get your early morning sweat on?

Image Source: Bravo
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