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While kayaking will keep you cool in the Summer, buying one of these boats won't exactly help your pocketbook. Kayaks cost anywhere between $400 and $2,000 — not including the paddle. Here's a much cheaper way to paddle along in the water. For $100, you can get this Coleman 2-Person Touring Kayak, and it comes with two aluminum paddles.

Although it's made with durable 26 gauge PVC, I still wouldn't take this kayak over roaring rapids, but it'll do a great job keeping you afloat on a calm lake or river. Paddling will strengthen and tone your upper body and core and will also increase flexibility in your hamstrings. The best part is you can always fall overboard into the crisp water to cool off. Another great feature of an inflatable kayak is it's lightweight and can be deflated, so it's easily packable for camping trips. If you plan on kayaking alone, then go for the 1-Person Kayak ($80) instead.

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BeautifulHealth BeautifulHealth 7 years
Wow, thanks for posting this. I had no idea these existed. My boyfriend has a real kayak (1,000 dollars real) and wants me to get one too so we can kayak together. I can't quite afford one right now, so this ($80!) may be the way to go!
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