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Recession Stress Takes Its Toll on Your Teeth

The jaw is no stranger to stress, and reports of clenched jaws and teeth grinding are up.

Our country's economic woes are taking a toll on our teeth and more and more folks are clenching their jaws. Known scientifically as bruxism, clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth in your sleep can lead to serious dental damage: cracked teeth due to premature wearing of your chompers. No wonder the dental industry is growing during the recession. If you suffer from bruxism, you can recession-proof your smile with a mouth guard, and it is best to get one that is fabricated by your dentist to fit your mouth. While the $200 to $400 cost of a mouth guard may seem pricey, they are considerably cheaper than dental crowns used to cover cracked teeth.

Aside from the economic stress, which we can't really control, other factors that contribute to nocturnally clenching your jaw are in your power to change. Alcohol, caffeine, smoking, and poor sleep habits can all contribute to the problem. So cut back on your vices, and work on creating better sleep habits.


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