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Limit Your Consumption of Red Meat, Reduce Cancer Risk

By now, hopefully we all know that eating too much red meat is unhealthy. It can raise your cholesterol, lead to obesity, and put you at risk for heart problems. Now there's more bad news for red meat lovers: a large study found eating red and processed meat regularly leads to an increased risk of cancer.

In the 10-year study, 545,000 people were monitored based on their red meat consumption — some ate it every day, and others only ate five ounces a week. Men who ate a quarter-pound hamburger everyday (yikes) increased their risk of dying from cancer by 22 percent and their risk of dying from heart disease by 27 percent.

What about women? To find out


For women, those who ate a ton of red meat increased their risk of dying from cancer by 20 percent and their risk of dying from heart disease by 50 percent — 50 percent ladies! That means it's absolutely crucial that people, especially women, limit their intake of red and processed meats such as steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon, and cold cuts.

When it comes to getting protein, stick to healthier meats such as chicken and fish. Barry Popkin, director of the Interdisciplinary Obesity Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, also says that limiting your meat consumption can have a positive effect on global warming. So it's good for you and good for the planet. If you're trying to eat lower on the food chain, check out these three cheap and natural meat substitutes.


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