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Reduce Your Flow

The commercial for Seasonale, a birth control pill, raves about getting only 4 periods a year. So what's the deal? Is that safe?

Birth control pills can either be monophasic, where you get the same amount of hormones each day, or triphasic, where you get a different amount of hormones over 3 weeks.

Seasonale and other monophasic pills allow you to take them in any sequence you want. Each pill pack contains a 3 month supply, and each 4 week supply contains 3 weeks of hormones and one week of sugar pills. So if you want, you can get your period every month by taking the sugar pills after taking 3 weeks of hormones. Or you can get it every 3 months by taking all the hormone pills for 9 weeks and then one week of sugar pills, thus keeping Aunt Flo at bay for over 2 months.

When you're on any birth control pill, when you get your period, it isn't a real period, because you're not actually releasing an egg (the pill stops you from ovulating). It's called a "pill period," and it results as your body's reaction to withdrawing from the hormones. Having this kind of period once a month is just as safe as only having it 4 times a year.

Fit's Tips: Monophasic birth control might be right for you if you suffer from painful periods, excessive bleeding, or unbearable mood swings. Definitely ask your trusted DR about this if you have questions.

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snowdaytoday snowdaytoday 10 years
This I love!!! It evened out my moods uch better than other birth control pills. Plus, I LOVE that I don't get my period every month. I take the Pill for 9 weeks straight. It's awesome.
BlackAndWhite BlackAndWhite 10 years
Just something to think about if you are interested; I went on Seasonale and gained 12 pounds. I went off it after 5 months and the weight fell off so it was definately due to this pill. It's different for everyone but good to be aware of if you are considering it.
robinm999 robinm999 10 years
Sometimes Seasonale causes more spotting for a while but it goes away almost completely after 6 mo - 1 year. I love it and will never go back.
mitzvahsha mitzvahsha 10 years
I took this to minimize bleeding and between-period spotting, but unfortunately it had the opposite reaction and caused increased spotting. I went back to my normal monthly pill and was far happier.
katie225 katie225 10 years
I already kind of do this with my regular birth control. I will skip my period every other package. I would do it more than that, but my insurance kind of makes it impossible to do that by limiting how many packs I can get every month. So, I'll take one package and not take the sugar pills for that one, then I'll get a new pack and take the sugar pills for that one. So I get 6 periods a year instead of 12. You don't even have to take the sugar pills, they're just placebos. Just don't take the pills for a week and start the next pack exactly one week later. They include it because some women just need the habit or else they'll forget to take the pills altogether. The only downside to skipping the sugar pills and starting a new pack right away is that I go through my prescription a teensy bit faster this way, and I'll end up going to the doctor about a month earlier than I would have normally to get the yearly exam and a new prescription.
J_Stone J_Stone 10 years
Dont know much about this , but sounds good!
scratch5 scratch5 10 years
Sounds like something to investigate. Who wouldn't want to bleed less?
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