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Everybody loves a good foot massage now and then, but did you know that some people believe it can heal certain diseases?

Reflexology, an alternative healing practice, looks a lot like massage from the outside, but the practice involves stimulating areas on the feet and hands that correspond to glands, organs, and other body parts. Stimulating these reflexes properly can have therapeutic effects. Check out this video.

Some western doctors feel that Reflexology is nothing more than stress-relieving massage and that there is no no scientific proof that Reflexology actually cures anything.

But in parts of Asia, Reflexology is a widespread practice. Cobblestone Special reflexology paths have been built in in parks, spas, condominium complexes and country clubs for people to walk barefoot on several times a day. The practice is known as stone stepping or cobblestone-mat walking and is supposed to provide health benefits.

While it is true that stress can lead to many health problems, a foot rub or hand massage that relieves tension also has got to do the body good. I am still not convinced it will heal all that ails you.

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jvondy jvondy 10 years
my sister and I just had reflexology foot treatments at a spa in Florida (following a very, very stressful Christmas Disney World trip). the treatment was great, my feet felt much better, but the therapist warned me to drink lots of water. I drank the water he gave me, then about an hour later I started for feel really, really sick. my sister started to feel bad about 30 minutes after I did. apparently reflexology "releases toxins that are in your body" and if you don't flush your system immediately, you will get sick - which my sister and I did. so if you get a reflexology treatment, when your therapist hands you water - gulp it down and ask for another!
colormesticky colormesticky 10 years
Well it sure doesn't help your spleen out. But if there's one thing I love, it's a good foot rub.
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