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Healthy Recipes
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Relax Already: Chill Out With Some Tunes

When the world is buzzing around you and you feel the tension coming on, it is time to chill out. Stress can adversely affect your health. Aside from deep breathing and heading outside for a walk, new research shows that listening to music for a half hour a day may significantly lower blood pressure, a byproduct of stress. Not just any music will do; I'm afraid Taking Back Sunday's Louder Now is out, as is anything by Arctic Monkeys or System of a Down. The music should be "rhythmically homogeneous," like classical, Celtic, or raga (Indian classical) music, and accompanied by controlled breathing exercises.

Music just may become a drug-free approach to dealing with blood pressure. Next time you feel the stress coming on and your blood pressure rising, put on some tunes and chill out. What music do you listen to when you need to calm down? Tell me in the comment section below.


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