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Relax Already: Find Calm Through Family Photos

Sometimes it seems like the more effort we put into shutting down our busy brains, the harder it is to accomplish. Jam-packed, stressful days make true relaxation challenging for many of us, and we often forgo winding down after work because of time demands. If taking a 90-second vacation doesn't always work for you, look through pictures from previous vacations to help get you to a state of relaxation.

While you are flipping through those memories, try your best to recall the little things you loved about a particular trip: special moments shared with your friends or loved ones, things that made you laugh, and the happy feeling of getting away from it all. The simple act of revisiting your memories will take your mind off of your hectic day and to-do list while reminding you of the good things in your life.


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Vaadsfweytes Vaadsfweytes 8 years
Aren't these the same couple from Dearsugar with a huge hole on guy's sock?
jessie jessie 8 years
i ended up looking at pictures the other night and bawled my eyes out for over a hour while looking thru them. i kept coming across pics of my kids when they were babies.....oh how they grow
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well this is just another example of things that we're always told - that if you're able to completely take your mind off of things - and then you'll relax. i don;t know if it really works but at least you're thinking about other things for a minute or 2
Spectra Spectra 8 years
See, this is why I can't just leisurely look at pictures. Every time I start looking at them (especially with my family), we all start talking and telling stories and trying to remember all the other details of the day. It's really a great way to spend an afternoon with your family.
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