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Relax Already: Free Your Mind

OK, so if you're anything like me, everything that is going on in your life can really start to clutter your brain. Then you're not sleeping, you're schedule's off and you just feel like crap.

Instead of letting it all pile up, use these three simple tips to de-clutter you brain:

  1. Get moving. It should come as not surprise to you that exercise is my number one brain clearing activity. When the going gets tough, I get moving. I think I have done some of my best planning and problem solving on five mile runs and marathon elliptical sessions.
  2. Write. This does not have to be a tell all about your life, but writing things down helps get them out of your brain. I am a big fan of creating lists. From 'to do' lists to grocery lists, you name it and I list it. This is my own way of alleviating some of the pressure off my brain to keep on top of it all. Writing your feelings down can also be very therapeutic and a great release.
  3. Talk it out. If your brain is racing around with a million and one things going on, tell someone about it. You'll may still think about it, but probably not to the intensity that it was consuming your brain before. My husband and I like to take a long walk if either of us had a particularly stressful day at work. This way we are exercising and talking it out -- You know I love multitasking.
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