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Relax Already: National Downshifting Week Starts Today!

I know, I know, there is a week for everything, but I think that National Downshifting Week is one worth noting. This week, the focus is on helping participants slow down and lean towards the greener side of things. It also encourages you to slowly experience a slower paced lifestyle. Please note that keeping chickens in the backyard, or sewing your own clothes are not requirements on enjoying the benefits of simpler living. Right up my alley, right?

So here are tips on what you can do to downshift this week:

  • Book a half-day off work to spend entirely with someone you love, no DIY allowed
  • Cook a meal from scratch, using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, preferably organic
  • Cut up a credit card
  • Donate a bag of clothes, toys or useful items to a local charity shop, refuge or recycling center
  • Hand-make a simple card for the next birthday or event on your calendar
  • Eliminate 3 non-essential purchases this week
  • Plant something in the garden you can cultivate and eat and start a compost heap
  • Consider reputable work at home parents and small local businesses, for services you need
  • Tonight, turn off the television, switch on the radio, play a few games and talk
  • Volunteer an hour of your time to a local charity shop, animal shelter, hospice etc.

For more information, please visit the Downshifting Week site and take the pledge: I hereby pledge to slow my life down a gear for the benefit of my health, my well being, my environment and for those around me whom I dearly love.


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