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Relax Already: Stop Dwelling on the Past!

Are you a dweller? If so then you may want to start living a little more by letting things roll off your back.

A new report from suggest that those who ruminate a lot may have higher blood pressure and heart rates, less effective immune systems, surges of stress hormones that strain the heart, more depression and perhaps even shorter life spans. No one wants any of that so here are some tips to stop fretting and start relaxing with these after a stressful event:

  • Put on some soothing music to distract your brain.
  • Pick up a lighthearted book and read.
  • Head to the gym and work the tension out of your body and brain.
  • Call a friend or love one and see what is going on in their lives rather than going on and on about what is going on in your life.
  • Volunteer -- It is hard to dwell on a stressful occurrence when you're helping others who are in far more stressful situations.
  • Watch a funny/happy movie. Nothing gets me into a happy place like the movie Serendipity.

Remember [cheesy quote alert]: Yesterday's the past. Tomorrow's the future. Today is a gift, that is why it's called the "present". So what do you do to get your mind off things? Tell us below.


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