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Feel like you haven't been getting enough sleep lately even if you've been hitting the hay for 9 hours a night? Turns out that you may be getting enough sleep, but your pre-bedtime activities trick you into thinking you're not.

New reports out of Japan are claiming that people who spend more pre-bedtime hours using the Internet or watching television are more likely to report that they don't get enough sleep, even though they sleep almost as long as people who spend fewer pre-bedtime hours in front of a computer or television screen.

So turn off the computer and the TV (come on, you know you watch TV and play on the internet) way before heading to bed. Pick up a good book, take a bath, meditate, try doing some relaxing exercises like stretching and yoga, or even organize something. Besides, if you're putting in the time to get enough sleep a night, you might as well reap the benefits.

In light of all this, I am curious what you do before bed...

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