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With all the commotion going on in our daily lives it is hard to take a few minutes to ourselves and relax. Meditation is attempted but some of us, me included, just can't get our minds to slow down and really relax. Usually I am mid-meditation and I remember that I need to do something or I'll start thinking about a story I want to write. Not as relaxing as it should be, now is it? If this sounds like you, then maybe you should think about getting a meditation tool.

The Zen Stick ($55.00) is an easy meditation tool used to focus one’s mind during meditation. Zen Sticks are crafted using gorgeous woods (olive wood, kingwood, Coa, Cocobolo, etc) that have been harvested in environmentally friendly ways. The stick can be used in methods such as closing your eyes and throwing it up in the air (not too high at first) and focusing on catching it. Try it now with your pen, it's way harder than it seems -- You'll see that you really have to focus on catching it! You can buy a Zen Stick (and bag for the stick) online at

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