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Relax by Looking at Old Photos

Relax Already: Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

When I'm stressed out, anxious, or upset about something, sometimes a hot bath or cup of tea just won't do the trick. One stress-relieving technique I've found that's sure to calm my nerves and put a smile on my face is to take out some old photo albums and slowly peruse the pages.

Seeing pictures of my grandma baking a cake, my husband and I on our honeymoon, and the enormous zucchini I grew one Summer sets my mind at ease and makes me forget about ever being upset in the first place. It works with scrapbooks, old letters, and cards as well. The next time you're feeling stressed or blue, take a trip down memory lane and it's sure to lift your spirits.

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jadenirvana jadenirvana 7 years
Fabulous idea! I love stress-relieving tips that break away from the normal recommendations.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
That's a good idea. I like looking at old pictures with my sister. We like to talk about what was going on when the pics were taken and what we were doing then.
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