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CrossFit Ab Workout
Ab Workouts
Get Insanely Ripped Abs With This 10-Minute CrossFit Workout
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Tone Your Entire Body (Mostly Your Butt!) With This 4-Move Workout
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Rest Day Stretch Your Hamstrings

Take a Chill Day, but Show Your Hamstrings Some Love

Yay! Today you get to take a well-deserved rest day. After all, a day off allows your muscles to recover, rebuild, and become stronger. But remember, to speed the recovery process, it's good to get your blood flowing to help feed your weary muscles. So take yourself for a 20-minute stroll then show your hamstrings some love by stretching the back of your legs. Not sure where to start? Check out these easy hamstring stretches. Try one or all — just get stretching.

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CrossFit Ab Workout
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