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Review of Attune Probiotic Granola Munch

Food Review: Attune Probiotic Granola Münch

I first encountered Attune via its wellness bars, which promise to deliver the probiotics of yogurt in a convenient bar. Since the bars don't really fill me up, I prefer old-fashioned yogurt. But since I love granola, I figured I'd give the brand another shot, with its Attune Probiotic Granola Münch.

This granola is designed to be eaten on its own, with milk, or atop yogurt for extra probiotic punch. The Münch comes in three flavors: chocolate granola with chocolate yogurt chips, apple cinnamon, or maple nut with vanilla yogurt chips. The chocolate seemed way too dessert-like for breakfast, so I went for the maple. To find out what I thought,


This granola contains lactobacillus acidophilus, the same healthy bacteria found in yogurt that aids digestion. According to Attune, the maple nut variety contains 1 billion CFUs of probiotics per one-ounce serving. In order to earn the live and active cultures seal, a product must contain at least 10 million cultures per gram, so this granola is legit, and you don't need much. Which is good, since the serving size is pretty small.


As granolas go, this one is pretty low in calories and fat. Each one-ounce serving (about 10 per container) contains 120 calories, 4.5 grams of fat (1 g saturated), and 6 grams of sugar, about the same amount of sugar as six ounces of plain yogurt. Not bad, considering that it tastes pretty sweet and, I might add, yummy and authentically maple-y.

Though the product is advertised as "high in fiber," it contains just three grams of fiber per serving and a mere two grams of protein. So there are certainly cereals that pack more fiber and protein punch, but Attune has the added probiotic benefit. I'm not sure why you need that if you're eating it on yogurt, but to each her own. You can buy it online for $6 for a 10-ounce bag.

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