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Review of Bob Harper's Inside Out Method Fitness DVDs

Bob Harper's Inside Out DVD Series

When asked which trainer from The Biggest Loser you would want to work out with, Bob Harper edged out Jillian Micheals; he's the nice one, right? With his new four-disc DVD series Inside Out Method, it looks like he is trying to change his rep. From yoga to intense cardio, Bob is ready to make you sweat, grimace, and shake — the more you complain, the harder he will make you work. Yes, it's as if he can see you slack off through the TV, so he ups the ante to keep you and your core engaged.

The DVDs are not about eye candy and loud pumping music; the aesthetic is simple (almost somber) with occasional arty camera work to spice things up. I appreciate that in one yoga pose, Bob acknowledges that you can't see the TV screen, so he tells you to focus on his voice as he tells you what to do next. However, he does seem to take maniacal pleasure in pushing you and his studio clients to the limit. The workouts are intense and great for both men and women — this is not your Jane Fonda fitness routine. My hubby did all four workouts too, even warning me that Bob was crazy when he previewed a DVD before I could get to it first.

For a description of each DVD and to take a gander at the series trailer, continue reading.

The DVDs retails for $20 each, but you can buy all four titles for $35.95.

  • Pure Burn — Super Strength: Get ready for lots of arm work and lots of leg work, in a more classic fitness vein. Although this hour-long workout exhausts your entire body, many of the exercises target one muscle group at a time, like skull crushers for your triceps (it is nice to lie down 40 minutes into the work, even if the respite is brief) and crunches.This DVD contains a 25-minute beginner workout to help you rev up to the more challenging workouts.
  • Cardio Conditioning: Sixty minutes of constant motion combining strength training moves with cardio. There's lots of swinging dumbbells while going in and out of a classic sumo squat, plus deadlifts, burpees (aka squat thrusts), jumping squats, and so much more. The hour-long workout is tough and challenging. My heart rate definitely moved beyond the fat-burning zone into some serious cardio territory. This DVD also includes a 25-minute quick-paced cardio workout that targets trouble zones.
  • Yoga For the Warrior: A fairly classic yoga-for-fitness hour-long routine — Bob adds hand weights to increase the challenge of the poses. The class features lots of booty-shaping moves, always a plus in my book, so be prepared to hold the Chair pose along with Warriors 1 and 2. My husband really appreciated Bob's hints for dealing with tight hamstrings. I suggest doing a few sun salutations for a warmup before jumping into this yoga workout. The DVD also offers a 15-minute yoga abs workout.
  • Bob's Workout: Bob works his body hard! This is a wonderfully intense all-body, heart-pumping circuit workout. The video is broken up into two half-hour segments, so you can do one or both. The first workout emphasizes upper body strength training and the second one focuses on the lower body. The core is targeted in each workout with a variety of plank moves and full-body exercises. Mixing classic moves, like bent-over rows and mountain climbers, with fun plyometric moves, you will be exhausted by the end. This workout also contains lots of level changes — you go from standing to the ground in many of the moves. Definitely a video to be used over and over — I really want to master this workout.

I really like this series, although some moves are repeated in more than one workout. These DVDs are great if you have a hard time pushing yourself when working out on your own. Bob seems to ask for so much, but changing your body is hard work. There were times I would have flipped off Bob and his work ethic speeches, but I was too tired to raise my arm. Check out the trailer for the fitness series below.

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