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Review of The Dailey Method No Excuses DVD

No Excuses! Try The Dailey Method No Excuses DVD

That lean and toned dancer's body is in thanks to Black Swan, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and the growing popularity of Bar Method, The Dailey Method, and Body Bar. The differences between the systems may seem subtle at first, but each has a unique focus and avid followers. The Dailey Method, which has locations across the US and studios in Canada and France, has released its first DVD: No Excuses With Jill Dailey ($25). Like the classes, the DVD promises to help you get "longer, leaner, stronger, and more fit" and focuses on ballet bar work, core conditioning, light weights, and stretching.

Keep reading for four reasons you should try it and a video preview of the DVD.

  1. Portability: This DVD is a worthy class alternative if you don't have easy access to a studio, or want the workout while traveling or at home. Dailey Method classes utilize a ballet bar, ball, foam mats, and Pilates straps, but the DVD was designed for home, so all you'll need is a mat, chair, and mat.
  2. Solid instruction for all: This DVD gets high marks for its careful position instruction, pace and ability to accommodate and challenge new and advanced students — a shortcoming of most DVDs. Method founder Jill Dailey explains core positions for first timers in an intro, but advanced followers can power through the "Express Class" for an efficient workout and learn from Dailey's instruction (I did!). Naturally, the DVD's main chapter is a full-length class that mirrors an in-studio class save the actual barre work.
  3. It's a challenge: I practice Bar Method and Dailey Method regularly and found myself pleasantly sore the morning after testing the DVD. The method focuses on low impact work designed around small, but carefully targeted movements. You will feel it in your glutes.
  4. Sweet inspiration: The DVD was filmed in a gorgeous studio with bright morning light and Dailey and her team of instructors deliver ample fitness inspiration. I found myself thinking "I want to be that flexible, strong, and fit too!" as I followed along, which is the same sentiment that keeps me going back to Dailey Method classes.

If you have access to a studio I recommend trying a class because instructors are generally more energetic than the DVD lesson and they play a more "rock and roll" soundtrack, but if you want to try the dancer workout from your DVD player this one stands up to the bar set by the recently released Bar Method Dancer's Body Advanced Workout. I now plan to rotate between them for the best of both methods.


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Angelica-Marden Angelica-Marden 6 years
This is based solely on my experience, but I find Bar Method spends more time at the actual barre working the legs and does "fold over" work at the barre more frequently, where as Daily spends more time on weights and core work. In terms of the fundamentals, the positioning for each system is slightly different (Bar Method focuses on "tucking your seat" more), but the teachers will instruct you. Here's a great breakdown of popular barre classes you should check out!
saravic saravic 6 years
What differences do you find between Bar Method and Dailey? I have been going to Bar Method, and planning on trying new Dailey studio that is opening in my town.
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