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DVD Review: Fit in 5 — Ultimate Body Blitz

Not everyone has an hour a day to work out, so it's great to have fitness videos available to lead you through shorter sessions. The Fit in 5: Ultimate Body Blitz DVD ($17) includes five unique workouts, so you can choose one you're in the mood for, or do all five at once to get a full body workout. Each of the five 20-minute sessions is a snippet of a previous DVD Acacia has published, making the video kind of like a greatest hits compilation. They are:

  1. Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt: Led by Violet Zaki, this workout blends a combo of cardio and strength training to burn calories and tone your muscles. You'll need a set of lightweight dumbbells.
  2. Yoga For Everyone: De-stress your mind, and stretch and strengthen the entire body in this playful yoga practice led by certified yoga instructor Hemalayaa.
  3. Weight Loss Pilates: Unlike most Pilates DVDs, which focus on mat exercises, this workout, led by Pilates master instructor Kristin McGee, also contains some cardio intervals.
  4. Dance and Be Fit: Latin Groove: Led by certified fitness instructor Desi Bartlett, this part of the DVD is low impact and features merengue, salsa, and rumba dance steps.
  5. Cardio For Beginners: Easy to follow and effective, this cardio workout led by Petra Kolber, IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, burns calories and strengthens the heart.

This DVD is definitely good value for your money since it's really five unique workouts in one. Combining strength training, cardio, dance, yoga, and Pilates, it's a great mix that works your overall body, and I'd definitely recommend it for someone looking for an easy workout to do at home.

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