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Review: Hall Naturals Cough Drops With Honey

I came down with a bad cold over the holidays, that targeted my throat and left me with out a voice for three days. I think my young daughters loved having a mom the could barely speak, but that is an issue to take up with my fellow sugar mamas over at lilsugar. Unfortunately, my sore throat coincided with my ski trip. When I was able to, I drank lots of tea with honey but needed cough drops to keep me going on the slopes.

Intrigued by the the "vapor action" of added menthol combined a soothing honey center found in Mountain Berry Naturals by Halls, I picked up a bag to try. Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it helps retain moisture, and it is also considered a natural cough suppressant.

To see what I thought of these drops


The berry flavor and the menthol battle for dominance when the cough drop hits your tongue. Luckily the berry flavor wins, though tinged with mild herb flavoring. These cough drops did not taste like candy, which meant my daughters stopped pestering me for them. The honey center allowed the soothing effect to linger after the lozenge completely gone. They did help my cough and soothe my throat. They were not as tasty as a Ricola cough drop, but they didn't taste overly sweet or fruity like other kinds of throat lozenges by Halls. As for the word "natural" in the name. All the ingredients looks familiar except MCT oil, which stand for oil medium-chain triglycerides. I have no idea what that is doing in a cough drop.

Here is a list of ingredients: Active ingredient —Menthol 2.5 mg, inactive ingredients — citric acid, cottonseed oil, elderberry juice, flavors, ginger, glucose syrup, glycerin, honey, lemon grass, MCT oil, sage, soy lecithin, sucrose, water, white thyme.

Even with the mysterious MCT oil, I would buy Naturals cough drops again. A bag of 20 retails for $1.99.

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