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Review of Hoopnotica Hoopdance Workout DVD

DVD Review: Hoopnotica — Hoopdance Workout

After seeing Marisa Tomei's outrageous hooping skills on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, I was inspired to check out the level two Hoopnotica DVD, Hoopdance Workout ($20). Marisa made those sexy moves look so easy, and even though I'm no hooping master by any means, if she could learn them from this DVD, I thought I'd give it a shot.

This video begins with an eight-minute warmup of stretches using the hoop, and also includes some time to brush up on the skills you learned in the level one Hoopdance Basics DVD such as hip hooping, hooping in a circle, and corkscrews. Then it moves on to teaching you some new hoop skills that further challenge your upper body strength, coordination, balance, and creativity. I loved the instructor's detailed instructions on how to do moves such as the swoop, hand off corkscrews, chest hooping, and hooping in angles. At the end of each chapter, there is a troubleshooting section, to show you how to work through any problems you may be having. This DVD moves pretty quickly, so I found it helpful to pause after every move so I could practice.

I'm definitely not as smooth and sultry as Marisa or the instructor in the DVD, but trying out these new tricks made me feel like a kid. If you've never tried hooping, it really is a challenging and fun workout. You'll end up working muscles you don't normally work. Just make sure you're using an adult-sized weighted hoop.


To see a video clip of this level two Hoopnotica DVD, keep reading.

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