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Review of Jackie Warner's New Thintervention Show, "The Fat and the Furious" Episode

Do You Still Excel in the Sport of Your Teen Years?

On this week's "The Fat and the Furious" episode of Thintervention, trainer Jackie Warner started serving up some old school tough love. Drama continued to mount between the contestants, so she ordered the whiny crew to take the tension to the Rose Bowl, where she had them run the field and up and down the steps. Most of the crew is still quite out of shape, so it was a tall order and intense workout. Shannon, who is a college student and the youngest person on the show, channeled her high school track and field days and pushed through the challenge seemingly inspired. The scene of her running got me thinking about how important it is to maintain the love of a sport or activity you did for fun, for the sake of competition far beyond graduation. Do you still kick, throw, leap, or run the same event or sport you did in high school as part of your workout, or have you traded in your varsity jacket?

Image Source: Bravo
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