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Review of Jackie Warner's Thintervention Show

Are You Honest About Your Eating and Workout Habits?

Last night's Thintervention marked the fifth week trainer Jackie Warner has been working the show's contestants. While a handful are having success altering their diets and upping their workouts, most are still struggling to lose weight week to week and disregarding crucial elements of the regime. Suspicious of the sluggish results, Jackie brings in a lie detector test to the group therapy session to uncover how they are cheating. It's game-show gimmicky, but a telling exercise in honesty.

Fibbing about how often you cheat on your diet is just like lying to your dentist about how often you floss: sure, it's your business, but you are only hurting yourself if you exaggerate how dedicated you are. Are you truthful about your devotion to your health?

Image Source: Bravo
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