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Review of Jackie Warner's Thintervention Show

Are You Honest About Your Eating and Workout Habits?

Last night's Thintervention marked the fifth week trainer Jackie Warner has been working the show's contestants. While a handful are having success altering their diets and upping their workouts, most are still struggling to lose weight week to week and disregarding crucial elements of the regime. Suspicious of the sluggish results, Jackie brings in a lie detector test to the group therapy session to uncover how they are cheating. It's game-show gimmicky, but a telling exercise in honesty.

Fibbing about how often you cheat on your diet is just like lying to your dentist about how often you floss: sure, it's your business, but you are only hurting yourself if you exaggerate how dedicated you are. Are you truthful about your devotion to your health?

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GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 6 years
Yep. I love the truth. Besides, why would I lie to compromise my credibility? My credibility is important to me.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
I have actually been guilty of lying in the opposite direction by down playing how much I exercise. I by no means workout excessively, but I do keep up a regular routine and when I'm around other women, particularly colleagues, who complain about never exercising or putting on weight, I tend to keep quiet. If they ask me directly about my habits, I tend to downplay to avoid dealing with the annoying follow up comments and questions that some of these women tend to make.
fizzymartini fizzymartini 6 years
Um, I just don't get the point of lying when there isn't some cash prize involved. The exercise and food you eat directly correlates with your own body - how you're building it, what you're filling it with and how it feels - so what should it matter what anyone else thinks? In daily life, what's the point of others thinking that you have the fitness of a pumped gazelle, if your muscles haven't seen action in months and your insides contain more crud than a landfill? So that they can ask you to represent the family/office/group at a charity race when you know you can't manage walking it??
Spectra Spectra 6 years
I'm guilty of lying a bit about my fitness habits--mostly because I don't think most people would believe me if I told them how often I work out (I usually do 60-90 minutes of cardio 6 or 7 days a week and weights 2-3 days a week). When I do tell people honestly about my fitness habits, most people do say that I look like I work hard. So I guess my body doesn't lie!
HollyJRockNRoll HollyJRockNRoll 6 years
I watched this episode. Its easy to sometimes forget or disregard a bite of this and that. I think the episode shows that every little bit counts. I kept a food journal and I was surprised by how many calories I consumed, even what I was "watching" what I ate.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 6 years
I tell the truth. I'm rather proud of my habits, for one, and I really see no reason to lie.
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 6 years
I do fib a little bit now and again, but now that I'm actually tracking all of my food/exercise through MyFitnessPal, with my food and exercise diary made visible to my friends, I'm making a conscious effort to be more honest. We're trying to challenge each other in weight loss and run times and fudging my results isn't going to help me any.
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