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Review of Lululemon Run:Energy SL Shirt

Reader's Review: Lululemon Run:Energy SL Shirt

Check out this reader's new favorite running shirt posted on OnSugar blog Running Nina.

Part of my go-to running outfit is my Run:Energy SL shirt from lululemon athletica.

It says "Breathe Deeply, appreciate the moment" and I love every little thing about it. Why? Because it's awesome, that's why!

Okay, for real, I love this shirt because it is so lightweight, I hardly feel like I am wearing shirt. Especially important in the hot weather. It is made with Silverescent which is an anti-static and anti-stink fabric so it won't smell stinky after I run in it a dozen times. There is a little cinch cord around the waist so you can let it hang loose if you want, or you can cinch it like I do so it doesn't flop around while you run. I've also worn this shirt during Bikram yoga and it is AMAZING for that too! I didn't get heated like I did when I wore other shirts and the cinch cord came in handy during some of the poses so my shirt stayed where I wanted it to; none of this fiddling with my shirt to get it back to where I wanted. I am also a fan of the larger arm holes and the flat seams because I feel like I have full freedom to move and no chafing! Chafing hurts!

At $58 it certainly isn't the most affordable, however, with the amount of times I have worn it and will continue to wear it I think it is a great investment. I currently have two, the one in the picture and a bright green one that says "Push Yourself, Run, Do it Now." That one I got lucky and snagged it from the loot! section of the website.


The review for the other half of my go-to running outfit will be posted next week!

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