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Review of Naked Juice Orange Mango Motion

Naked Juice: It's Not So Naked

Have you guys tried Naked Juice? You'd think with a name like that, this drink would be made with just fruit juice. Even with the fine print at the bottom of the label that reads "with added ingredients" I was still more focused on the word naked, thinking this smoothie would be unadulterated. The Orange Mango Motion flavor contains a lot of added B vitamins, to give you an extra boost, but that is not all this drink contains that will charge you up.

The motion in this smoothie comes from "guarana extract" and "green tea extract." While these are natural forms of caffeine, they're still caffeine and if you drink all 15.2 fluid ounces of this juice, you'll get 86 mg of the stuff. Just for comparison, a regular cup of joe (not the suped up coffee from Starbucks) contains about 45 mg of caffeine. So this drink packs quite a punch. When they say "energy," they mean it. I just wish it were energy from the juice, not energy from caffeine.

Want to see the nutritional info? Then

Check out how on the label it tells you exactly how much of your daily supply of vitamins you are getting. Cool, huh? This juice would make a great alternative to your morning cup of coffee —it's like drinking your coffee and OJ all at once. I'd probably try and stick to the recommended serving size though, otherwise you'll be bouncing off the walls if you're not used to drinking this much caffeine.

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