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Review of Nike+ Compatible Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Gear Review: Polar Heart Rate Monitor Is Nike+ Compatible

Using the Nike+ system to chart my walks and runs has been quite motivational. I love to compare my workouts, see how I'm progressing, and monitor my weekly mileage. Nike teamed up with Polar to offer the Polar WearLink+ Transmitter ($65), a heart rate monitor that's compatible with your Nike+ system. If you have a fifth generation iPod Nano or a Nike+ Sportband (sorry, it doesn't work with an iPod Touch or iPhone yet), you can not only keep track of your time, distance, pace, and calories burned, but now you can also chart your heart rate for each workout.

Curious to know how it works? Then keep reading.

I used this Polar WearLink+ Transmitter heart rate monitor with the Nike+ Sportband. All you have to do is wet the two sensors on the strap, attach it to your torso below your bra strap, and then electronically link the heart rate monitor (HRM) to the Sportband. It was very easy to do; just push the side toggle button and wait for the screen to say LINK, then OK, then it's ready. Start your workout by pressing the top button on the Sportband. As you walk or run, it will keep track of your time, distance, pace, calories burned, and your heart rate. You can check out your progress during your workout by pressing the side toggle button. At the end of your workout, press and hold the top button on the Sportband until the screen says END. Then plug the Sportband Link into your computer and your data automatically gets uploaded to Check out the chart below from my short, easy run.

If you've never used a HRM before, it's a great way to encourage you to push yourself a little more. You think you're working hard, but then you gaze down and see your heart rate is only 138, so you put a little more pep in your step, and see your heart rate raise to 153. Being able to monitor your heart rate can also let you know if you're pushing yourself too hard. And since I'm a huge fan of using Nike+ to chart my runs, now I can do it all at the same time with one device, instead of having to wear both the Sportband and the watch that you usually have to wear when using a HRM. This Polar WearLink+ Transmitter heart rate monitor is a cinch to use, and now I can't wait to exercise in order to chart my progress. Any piece of fitness gear that inspires me to exercise gets an A+ in my book. Check out more pics below.

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