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Review of Piloxing by Viveca Jensen Fitness DVD

DVD Review: Piloxing by Viveca Jensen

I've been venturing out of my exercise comfort zone for 2009, and the Piloxing DVD ($20) fit right into my goal to trying new things. The blend of Pilates and boxing was developed by Viveca Jensen, whose goal is to instill a "sleek, sexy, and powerful" self-image. Her LA studio offers women-only Piloxing classes, where actresses Hilary Duff and Alexis Bledel go to stay in shape.

The classes use one-pound weighted gloves, but you can do the DVD with or without the gloves (available to purchase for $26). The video offers three things that make for a worthwhile exercise DVD: it's easy to follow, fun, and gave me a good workout. One hour of Piloxing flew by as Viveca guided me through various punching moves like jabs, hooks, and uppercuts; an arms section that involved arm circles and more punching; leg and balance exercises with elements of ballet; and floor work that focused on booty moves and Pilates ab exercises. For the details,


Each variation starts slowly so you can get the hang of the moves before Viveca speeds things up to make them more challenging. You're often moving your arms and legs at the same time, whether it's doing simultaneous squats and punches or twisting and jabbing for more targeted oblique work. She reminds you to use the power from your core while punching, which was helpful because I tended to instinctively pull the power from my arms.

Viveca doesn't take herself too seriously and encourages you to have fun throughout the video, which I certainly did. I'll definitely pop this DVD in again whenever I feel like getting a fun, effective workout at home. Interested? Pick up a copy here.

Join The Conversation
missxvicious missxvicious 8 years
It sounds like something I would like.I'll have to check it out when I get couple of extra dollars
blondie829 blondie829 8 years
in a way, this sounds like Tae Bo (one of my faves)
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
It sounds like a fun workout. I think I'll check it out. Would it help coordination as well? I think I would be distracted by her hair, though. It's really bright ^.^;;
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