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Review: Secret Clinical Strength Sport Antiperspirant

Products marketed toward female athletes always pique my interest. Plus it is great to know that somebody out there knows we exist and like gear! When I saw a new antiperspirant by Secret with the word "sport" as well as the phrase "designed for athletes" on the front of the package, I was curious to try it. It was really the name of the sport fresh scent "marathon" that hooked me. Maybe if I wore this clinical strength formula I could run a marathon — only kidding.

I wore Clinical Strength Secret ($8) on a couple of runs and experienced absolutely no underarm sweating, and received no post-run comments about my stink factor from my 3-year-old. Then I read the fine print: this deodorant isn't really for female athletes. It was designed for women who suffer from excessive sweating, know as hyperhidrosis in medical speak. Secret recommends applying this clinical strength antiperspirant at bedtime, to allow for the active ingredient aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex Gly to dissolve into your pores effectively plugging the sweat ducts for 24 hours. Honestly, the formation of "plugs" in my armpits while I sleep creeps me out a bit. I don't need 24-hour protection from sweating.

Although this product has a girly "sport fresh scent," its "prescription strength wetness protection" is overkill for me. However, it is truly effective and if you sweat regularly due to stress or physical exercise this could be the underarm protection you need. You can find it at

Have any of you tried Clinical Strength Secret? Tell me what you thought in the comments section below.

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Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
clogging the pores?? eeep. but i do sweat a lot :( and i hate it. even mens deodorants can't help me. guess i'll try the clinical strength thing again and put it on at night this time. lol.
yadiet yadiet 8 years
THat freaked me out that whole clogging of your under arm pores.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
I don't suffer from hyperhidrosis so I usually just use Secret Platinum, which seems to work well for me. My sister sweats a lot and she actually just uses men's unscented antiperspirant, which works for her. Maybe I'll tell her to give this stuff a try.
any any 8 years
oh boy i hate sweating!!!... specially if im in a cold place! panama is really hot, even when its raining so i just need a good deodorant, i used secret green fresh during the day, and i used drysol like 1 a week before i got to bed
kchurley kchurley 8 years
I used to sweat profusely! What I hated the most was the odor. I got botox under my arms and now... nada. Not a drop of sweat. I don't need deodorant of ANY kind and there is absolutely no smell. It's amazing... very costly (close to a grand) but worth it. It lasts for about six months so I do it in the spring and it takes me through late summer. I vowed not to do it during the fall and winter (not out of fear of botox but because of the cost) but I'm so in love with the results, I did it again a few days ago.
emily60608 emily60608 8 years
I've got the hyperhydrosis thing going on too... so unpleasant! Secret Clinical Strength doesn't make any difference for me at all. I've been trying Drysol and it definitely makes a difference but it is extremely harsh on my sensitive skin. There's no way I can apply it within a day or even two of shaving so I kinda end up compromising shaving or sweating...eww. I also worry about the aluminum content since people talk about it being linked to cancer & alzheimers. I would love to try botox treatments but just cant afford it.
JessicaLE JessicaLE 8 years
Another really awesome deodorant is Mitchum For Women Smart Solid. It's the only product that has worked for me! Even better: although it's a solid, it NEVER clumps up or shows on your clothes, and the scents are all so fresh and not overpowering. I am always scared they'll stop carrying it, so on my last drugstore run, I bought 10 of them!
insanitypepper insanitypepper 8 years
Secret Clinical Strength did not work for me. I'm a fan of Certain Dri, which is happily less expensive. I still get a little smelly, but I no longer ruin my clothes with sweat stains.
kristin32691 kristin32691 8 years
I've tried this and for me it doesn't work that great. I've had hyperhidrosis for nearly 4 years now, and no antiperspirants have ever worked well for me. CreateMagic, you should definitely try the Botox! My insurance considers it a medical expense, so I don't pay nearly as much as it would normally be, so if you can get insurance to take care of some of it, go for it! It isn't as painful as it sounds, and it works so well. The first time I got it done, I was literally amazed.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i've been using the clinical strength since it came out and i have to say that i've been VERY PLEASED with it. i'm one of those people who sweats a lot. i'm in great shape so it's not like i should have a reason to sweat as much, and every day i kind of feel like i'm the only person out there who's sweating. it's gross. but then i tried clinical strength, and i feel much better about things. i don't mind sweating when i work out but to know that i can reduce it a bit and some how come out smelling ok - well it's worth my investment.
CreateMagic CreateMagic 8 years
Agreed that for those of us with hyperhidrosis, plugging up the pores seems like a fantastic idea. Secret Clinical Strength is the best antiperspirant/deodorant combo I've tried, but I still need to reapply at least twice during the day, and then put it on overnight. Certain dri did not work for me, and the Drysol irritated the skin under my arms and I lost a bit of my touch sensitivity on my hands and feet as it built up(although it works like a charm, seriously). I've learned to deal with the constant sweat on my hands and feet, but I still can't handle sweating through all my clothes..and ruining so many nice shirts!!! I'd love to try the botox, but it scares me a bit.
katie225 katie225 8 years
OMG it is SO great to read that other people are so similar to me: sweating through certain cloth materials and colors, and nothing helps (clinical strength? yeah right! sweat right through that too). i was skeptical about this product until i read about it working overnight like certain-dri. I LOVE CERTAIN DRI it is a lifesaver for a middle school teacher like me (canNOT sweat in front of kids, it's embarrassing). thank you for those who have tried this and said that it doesn't build up it's power like certain dri! now i know to stay with the tried and true (though drysol looks like it's an interesting alternative). and i have to second the comment about how if you have hyperhydrosis, plugging your pores sounds like an EXCELLENT idea. thank god for certain dri, or else i wouldn't be able to wear heather gray shirts, blue shirts, green shirts,.....and the list goes on.
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
I've been using this clinical strength( Not the sport just the regular) for a couple months now and I love it. I live in a climate that it's regularly around 110. SO, if I plan on so much as walking to my car I need to have this stuff on. I never used to sweat much but since moving out here I have and this stuff has helped me not be super gross all the time. It works well and I don't mind the plugging of pores or whatever. If you have sweating issue then this stuff works great. If you don't, then I'm jealous of you haha
jlr32phl jlr32phl 8 years
I've never used this product but I've been using Certain-Dri for a few months now and I am totally satisfied. It's the same thing though, applied at night. I used to not be able to buy certain certain clothes because I knew I would sweat through them just by sitting at my desk and have embarassing "pit stains." I'm not sure anyone can really understand what it's like to sweat through the armpits of your clothes no matter what you're doing unless it happens to you. I have no problem "plugging" up the pores in my armpit. There are plenty less embarassing and less noticable places to sweat throughout the rest of my body.
maggieleigh maggieleigh 8 years
I've been using the Dove clinical strength or whatever their version is called - works well, pretty happy with it so far.
ffemt1201 ffemt1201 8 years
I like the Degree clinical strength better; I work on an ambulance and it gets horribly hot (and sweaty) during the summer and this product helps to keep my uniform fresh.
kathili kathili 8 years
Antiperspirants have always freaked me out a little. It just seems weird/unhealthy stopping up your pores. I hate sweating excessively, but I feel like in a way it's cleansing.
solomed solomed 8 years
"Clinical" strength is 20% aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex while the "regular" strength is 19% and costs 1/2 as mcuh. It really is a marketing ploy to get you to spend 2x as much for almost nothing more. Drysol is now over the counter and also is 20% concentration. It is applied at night but can cause stinging if the underarm is wet. If neither of these work, then Botox injections can stop unwanted underarm sweat for up to 9 months.
Jabbadoo Jabbadoo 8 years
I don't care if I sweat and I shower regularly, so I dont stink lol. I pretty much buy into the "aluminum is not so great akshully" thing, and try to stay away from it as much as possible, using just deodorant instead. Of course if I have a big presentation coming up or something, then i'll use an anti-persperant for a couple of days to head off any overboard sweating.
missyd missyd 8 years
ummm I suffer from hyperhidrosis. It is not pleasant, to say the least. I used to get this kind of stuff prescribed from the doctor. It was called "Drysol". Worked amazing. Believe me, when you go through something as bothersome as this, plugging the pores sounds VERY appealing. Anything to make it stop. I havent tried Clinical Strength because I have the Drysol, but it pretty much works on the same theory
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