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Review of Truebalance 850 by New Balance

Gear Review: Truebalance 850 Toning Shoe by New Balance

A long-respected name in running shoes, New Balance has hopped onto the toning shoe bandwagon. The sneaker company sent me a pair of its new toning/walking shoe, the Truebalance 850 ($85), to test out. After wearing them for hours walking and running errands, I received many compliments on their looks. They truly are cute sneakers. Considerably lighter than other toning shoes I have worn (only 8.7 ounces), I felt downright nimble in Truebalances. I could really feel my foot making contact with the ground, yet my feet felt fully cushioned.

These shoes have no perceptible rocker like Skechers Shape Ups or MBTs, and the sole of the shoe feels solid unlike the squishy bottom on the Reebok EasyTone. I didn't feel the need to alter my gait or pay attention to my feet when walking when wearing the Truebalance shoes, but I am not sure how they are supposed to create, according to the website, "enhanced muscle toning and calorie burning while you walk." In light of the recent study that found that toning shoes don't measure up to their claims, it's not surprising that I didn't feel any increased muscle activity when wearing them. But I do appreciate a good-looking, lightweight walking shoe.

Have you tried the Truebalance shoe? What did you think?




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arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 6 years
they're pretty cute, but as for actually 'toning,' i can't help but be skeptical.
michlny michlny 6 years
Just another brand jumping on the marketing bandwagon. Disappointing.
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