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Review of Udi's Gluten-Free Bread

Udi's: Finally, a Good Gluten-Free Bread

I love bread, something that became very apparent to me while doing the Remove diet. Since gluten was off-limits, I tried my share of gluten-free bread, and from my own experience, most of it is not good. Store-brand gluten-free breads are rock hard and are really only edible when toasted, but even then, they're still pretty bad. It ended up being easier to give up bread altogether than eat the gluten-free stuff. That was until I found Udi's Gluten Free Foods — a line of bread products that could easily pass for having gluten in them.

The first thing that you notice about Udi's is that it's not sold in the frozen-food aisle with all the other gluten-free bread. Udi's has somehow managed to come up with a bread that is shelf-stable and can be eaten directly from the package; no heating necessary. Then you'll notice how light Udi's is — it's airy, moist, and looks like bread. It also tastes good, and for those living with celiac disease, it's a chance to enjoy good bread, muffins, bagels, and pizza crust without having to make them yourself. Udi's will also fool your gluten-eating friends. It was weeks before my boyfriend realized that he was eating gluten-free bread. Compare that to the previous gluten-free bread I had that he promptly spit out.

Months after ending the Remove diet, I'm still eating Udi's bread. Partly because it's good, and because it's good for me. Having learned that I'm sensitive to gluten, I now pick and choose when and what gluten-based products I eat. Having Udi's makes it easy to enjoy toast with my eggs, a healthy pizza for dinner, or a sandwich for lunch. And while I don't know how they make it unlike any other GF bread on the market, mu guess is it's because Udi's comes from a group of artisan bakers. Udi's already had several cafes and bakeries in Colorado before coming up with a bread for their gluten-intolerant friends. I'm just glad that they eventually made their way into stores.



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