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Review of Workout Headphones Yurbuds, Sculpted Eers, and More

Stay Put: Reviews of 5 Earphones Designed For Your Workout

Pros: Like the Yurbuds, Sculpted Eers use silicone molded buds to fit snugly into your ear. But the Sculpted Eers PS-100 ($200) take it a step further by using a unique molding technology that expands and shapes the bud right in your ear. The custom fit made these the most noise-canceling of all the ones I tested, which also meant I could listen at a lower volume during my runs while still maintaining a high-quality sound. In addition to the molded buds, the over-ear design made for even more security. No matter if I was jumping, sprinting, or jogging, these headphones didn't budge.

Cons: While the results were worth it, it's important to note that it takes a bit of prep and instruction reading (or a professional fitting) to mold the buds to your ear. During the fitting process, the sensation of expanding silicone in your ears, while not unendurable, doesn't exactly feel pleasant. Also, even with the customized fit, the buds still felt uncomfortable after wearing them for an extended period of time (they did, however, feel more comfortable the more I wore them). And while these earphones are high quality and fit securely, the price tag is high.

In the box: Headphones, silicone molding system, instructions, silicone lubricant, fitting guide, and zippered pouch

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