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Review of Workout: One-on-One Training With Jackie Warner Fitness DVD

Work Out: One-on-One Training With Jackie

I definitely was a fan of Jackie Warner's Bravo show, Work Out. And though I didn't always agree with the drama in her personal life, Warner's workout ethic is inspiring. I was recently given a copy of the fitness DVD, Workout: One-on-One Training With Jackie ($10) and the picture of Warner on the cover was enough to make me drop and give her 20. It's obvious that Warner works hard for her body, and that's enough for me to buy what she's selling.

Warner has designed an intense workout that focuses on upper body, lower body, and core. You can combine the three sections together for a grueling one-hour workout, or just focus on one area for about 20 minutes. Warner is great at talking you through the moves, and there are also modifications for beginners and the more advanced.

To hear more of my thoughts on Workout,


I like my workouts to feel intense but to also fly by, and Warner provides that to a tee. Her workout offers a wide variety of moves with a lot of twists on the classics, and she offers little rest between them. Don't be fooled by how quickly time moves though, this is definitely an intense cross training workout — it combines alternating strength (you'll need hand weights) and cardio exercises. After doing this workout my abs were definitely sore the next day.


I think fans of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred will really appreciate Workout. They both move at the same pace and each trainer has a similar no-nonsense, but encouraging approach. Beginners might benefit from Warner's DVD a bit more though because unlike Michaels, she does a much better job at instructing. This was especially helpful during the exercises where weights are used.

My only beef with the DVD is that there were some segments in which all of her trainers did not participate. Instead of going off camera they sat in the background, which might be a little distracting or uninspiring for viewers. Despite that criticism I definitely recommend this DVD and can attest that my abs were still sore two days later!

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