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Review Zobha Straight Leg Capri Pants

Zobha Straight Leg Capri: Best Workout Pants Ever

I'm not lying when I say that I am in love with Zobha's straight leg capri ($68); I wish that I had a pair for every day of the week! Besides getting compliments whenever I wear them — (which is a first, BTW; I never get compliments on yoga pants!) — the leggings are functional, durable, and can handle any workout that you have in mind.

The first thing that I noticed is how amazing the fabric felt against my skin: like soft, slinky cotton, except it's not cotton at all. It's a Supplex and Lycra blend, which is what helps the pants perform so well. The capris are formfitting without being too tight, and they never lose their shape.

To find out how the Zobha capris performed in hot yoga and multiple washings,


I once sweated through a two-hour yoga session in them, followed by an hour of rock climbing and walked out of the gym without the dreaded baggy knee syndrome. I've lost count of how many times I've washed mine, but they still fit the same, and have not faded, pilled, or thinned out. And for really intense workouts, the fabric breathes and dries fast — they also stay in place. I never have to worry about readjusting in yoga class, regardless of what position I'm in, or worry that my private parts will become public.

The added bonus of these pants performing so well is how flattering they look. Instead of offering the standard three sizes of small, medium, and large, they're available in sizes 2-12, which means they fit your body accordingly. They also come in seven different colors and can easily be pulled off with a pair of flats or knee-high boots if you have somewhere to go before the gym. I know I sound a little fanatical, but everyone needs a pair of these in their gym bag!

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Michele-Foley Michele-Foley 6 years
I've never tried lululemon Wunder unders, but I've never had a problem with my Zobha capris falling down. @laellavita: do you think your Zobhas may be too big? I like where the Zobhas sit on my waist; I actually where mine higher than the model in this pic and seem to avoid the dreaded camel toe. Maybe I'll give the Wunder Unders a try, but since they're more expensive than the Zobhas, I'm not sure. @Hill82879 They run pretty true to size and don't shrink or stretch out — I hope that helps!
mandyo11 mandyo11 6 years
These do look pretty awesome, but I wonder if they would pinch at the waist. I usually buy shorts and pants with a foldover waistband to avoid that type of thing.
laellavita laellavita 6 years
i own these pants too, and they're great as leggings that don't lose their shape -- american apparel's plain cotton ones always bag around my knees -- but as far as my workouts go, i prefer my lulu wunder unders. the waistband on my lulu's is higher -- this sits kind of low, and when i run, they slip and i'm constantly having to pull them back up. it makes for a really awkward workout. i think the waist on my lululemons are more snug, even though they're all the same size -- and even at their price, lululemon guarantees the life of their product for five years so it's an investment i can trust
Hill82879 Hill82879 6 years
Fit, I'm between a 6 and an 8 - would you say I should order up or down? How do they run?
marisaoswald marisaoswald 6 years
Thanks Tadow!! They're ON SALE!!! But they don't have anymore in my size :(:( I'm def bookmarking this for later though :)
Here is the link
Meereesa, they're Under Armour Cold Gear Compression Pants.
marisaoswald marisaoswald 6 years
Tadow, if you don't mind, what pants do you use? I'd love to try them out!
janetmouse janetmouse 6 years
I'd rather pay more money for quality that will last than a cheaper one that falls apart after a few months! I've had my lululemon tops and bottoms for years and still great after numerous workouts and washings!
I don't mind investing in one good item in a type of workout clothing. If you need to do high performance work the gear can make all the difference. Better quality clothing will last longer. That being said, my technical compression, wicking and weather resistant running pants cost $18 less than this, at full price. They are full length pants as well, so more fabric is involved. I run in them all the time, at long distances and in really cold weather. They hold up no matter what. In all honesty, in these tough economic times, maybe it would be beneficial to do a comparison of items that are a bit more economical and still have great performance value.
AMPhillips79 AMPhillips79 6 years
@Meeresa - I was wondering how they compare to wunder unders too! Those are my current fave
koweee koweee 6 years
These are so cute! My workout pants always seem to loosen up after a few wears. Ill have to check these out.
Michele-Foley Michele-Foley 6 years
@meeresa No camel toe!
marisaoswald marisaoswald 6 years
Do these give the dreaded camel toe? I bought some Beyond Yoga leggings online, and when I got them, they felt like butter, but looked horrible on! How do they compare the Lululemon Wunder Unders? I used to scoff at paying more than $20 bucks on work out gear, but it really does make a difference!
Michele-Foley Michele-Foley 6 years
I agree that $68 is a lot to spend on a pair of workout leggings, but they really do pay for themselves. They're also waaay cheaper than say, lululemon, but in my mind perform better. And since my less expensive leggings have not stood the test of time like my Zobha leggings do, I actually spend more having to replace the less expensive pair. (They also don't perform as well.) Not being made of money, I always buy my workout clothing on sale — I never pay full price (I can't!). Brands like Lucy, Nike, and Prana go on sale pretty regularly, and I look online the Web for specials, or hit the sales rack of my favorite stores (REI is usually a good bet). This usually saves me about 30-50 percent off the full price. Having said that, I'm always on the lookout for good workout clothing that won't break the bank. I'd love it if workout clothes weren't so pricey; it's frustrating. Check out a few options here:
jade408 jade408 6 years
I'd also like to see workout pants in more sizes. Bigger girls want to work out and look cute too!
mondaymoos mondaymoos 6 years
I'd like to see a review of a pair of workout pants that costs under $50. That would be great, since I kind of cringe at the thought of spending more than that for an article of clothing I wear for 2 hours a day.
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