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Ricki Lake on Weight Gain, Love, and Dancing With the Stars

Ricki Lake Gained Weight Falling in Love — Can You Relate?

Ahh love. Finding that special person makes life so much better, but unfortunately falling head over heels can make you fall off the healthy wagon. Season 13 Dancing With the Stars contestant Ricki Lake has always been very public about her weight issues, and she shares with Us Weekly:

"I fell in love last year . . . I didn't gain a lot of weight but I feel like I could lose about 15 pounds. I'm going to be careful. It's going to be weird, because having dealt with weight issues my whole life and you think deprivation, starving yourself — but I can't do that if I'm dancing six hours a day. I'm just going to be really conscious of it. For the first time it won't be about the pounds, it'll be about strength and my body. I'm up for the challenge."

When you first meet someone, you spend so much time together that you tend to skip out on your workouts. Plus you go out to eat a lot, share bottles of wine and plates of strawberry cheesecake, and chow down on takeout in front of a movie — no wonder your jeans feel tight. It doesn't help that you feel so comfortable and loved by the person that you think, "Why work out when he loves me no matter what size I am?" I guess it depends on the relationship and how strong-willed you are when it comes to sticking to your healthy ways, but like Ricki, do relationships cause you to gain weight? If so, tell us in the comments how you got back on track.

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