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Riding the Elevator vs. Climbing the Stairs

You know I am all about taking the stairs whenever you have the chance. Why not add a little motion to our often sedentary lives? Well, I just came across another reason to take the stairs: speed.

A study at the University of South Carolina determined that it might be our laziness, and not our desire for efficiency that keeps us riding the elevator. After determining that "saving time" was the most popular reason for avoiding the stairs, researchers timed their own daily actions, both using the elevator and taking the stairs, several times a day for several days. They found that when taking the stairs they arrived at their destination more quickly than riding the elevator. The reason? The waiting time for the elevator, of course! So turn your impatience into action and take the stairs.

Fit's Disclaimer: I know that if you work on the 30th floor, this might not hold true. However, I do suggest you try this particular experiment yourself. Your lungs and legs will appreciate the challenge.


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