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Rio de Janeiro Picked to Host the 2016 Summer Olympics

Olympics 2016: And the Winner Is . . .

It's seven years away but Olympic fever started early for Chicagoans, as the city threw its hat in the ring to host the 2016 Summer games. Despite lobbying from Chicago notables like the Obamas and Oprah Winfrey, hopes were dashed when the Windy City didn't make it past the first-round eliminations. Brazil will be celebrating tonight — Rio de Janeiro has been picked as the host city, a first ever for South America.

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GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
Personally, I'm happy for Rio, and the country of Brazil. From what I read and heard, Rio is a great area. It would be a terrific place for the Olympic athletes and the games. I can't wait to tune in, and see what Rio has to offer. I'm sure it would be grand. As far as Chicago, there will be other opportunities to bid. That's part of the competitive spirit -- don't give up, come back bigger and stronger (after working on the city's issues), and compete with other international cities to host the next Olympic Games. For Chicago, this should NOT be over. :)
wackdoodle wackdoodle 7 years
Gabriella - you may be able to write in english but you do not understand the subtlety of it. I am very happy that Rio will host the Olympics. Compared to the US the people of Brazil are proud of their bodies and not prudes about celebrating their bodies. Having the Olympics there and having Americans go there will hopefully help many Americans understand that they need not be embarrassed about their bodies and that they should just celebrate and enjoy them like the people of Brazil. This will shine the light of the world on a beautiful country on a beautiful continent. Rio like every country has serious social issues especially when it comes to the treatment of its extremely poor. Hosting the Olympics is the perfect chance for Rio to show the advancement that they have made in helping their poor and to show off the beauty and hospitality of their people. Again, I know you "know" english but understanding American english and American humor are different. I understand that - perhaps you should to Gabriella and not think that people are stereotyping or slamming your beautiful country.
karrots karrots 7 years
I think it's about time that the Olympics are held in South America. I'm really happy for the people of Brazil. Also, I don't think it was Obama's failure, that's an unfair statement. But a lot of people are commenting that it was a bit "arrogant" of him to show up for a few hours and expect to "charm" the mostly "European" IOC in giving it to Chicago. I read an article where they said it backfired. However, the IOC was delighted w/ Michelle Obama.
darkoblivion darkoblivion 7 years
Just on a personal note.. I'm glad it's in Rio. It means Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has a very good chance of becoming an Olympic sport and it also means I have a very good chance of attending and traveling to Brazil for the first time. So... yay!
Faylinn Faylinn 7 years
I just want to add that there are already people out there happy about Chicago losing the bid because it means that somehow Obama failed in something. Ridiculous.
Faylinn Faylinn 7 years
jkat: You are completely right and the displacement issue is something many people outside of Chicago don't seem to know about. I'm relishing in the idea that Daley's ego is hurt. If he doesn't begin to fix the problems within the city, I really hope he gets voted out in 2011. Plus with all the contracting scandals for which Chicago is famous, the Games would have cost much, much more. There are so many issues with funding in Chicago right now, the Olympics would have just put more strain on the city's citizens.
jkat jkat 7 years
I live in Chicago and am SO happy we didn't get it. Chicago is an amazing city but we could not have handled the Olympic games. Funding was VERY questionable and it would have become a burden on the tax payers. Although it was billed as bringing development to the impoverished Washington Park area, it would have actually ended up displacing many of those people. Mayor Daley needs to get off his ego trip, come home, and work on a practical solution to fixing our city's problems.
wackdoodle wackdoodle 7 years
Wooo hooo! The NUDE OLYMPICS have returned. Rio should be so incredibly exciting. Wonder what events will take place in the slums of Rio? Hopefully something and hopefully the government of Rio will actually help the people have live in the slums rather than hiding them or pushing them into the sea or where ever.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 7 years
I'm sorry, I know that Chicago is a fun city with lots of personality, but it was up again Rio de Janeiro.... and people are surprised it didn't win? I do feel badly for people who invested a lot of time (and tax dollars) into the endeavor though.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I'm sorta bummed that they won't be in Chicago. If they would've been, I could have actually gone to the games because I live sort of near there. Well, as close as I'd ever get to an Olympic venue...Chicago's the only big city near enough for me to get to easily. It's still cool that they'll be in Rio. Brazil's a really neat country, so I'm glad they got the bid.
syako syako 7 years
I think it's cool and great that this will be the first South American Olympics. How exciting for Brazil!
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