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Roll Your Calories Away

Remember the time when Roller Blades were king? Everyone that was cool had a pair and this was how we (yes, I was cool too) sometimes got our cardio in. As with all trends, the Roller Blading phenomenon has faded but out-of-line skating has not. Want to know what has got The Dog Whisperer going wild?

Enter the LandRollers ($199). Basically LandRollers look like Roller Blades with really big wheels that are on the side of the boot, rather than under the boot (like most skates). Interestingly enough, their odd look is not what makes LandRollers different, they are different because LandRollers are all terrain. They call themselves the SUV of skates -- this means that a few bumps in the road will not lead to a few bumps on your head. Buy them here.

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