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Rotate Variables Like Malin Akerman

Fit Tip: Rotate Variables Like Malin Akerman

Malin Akerman looks the part of a superhero in Watchmen, all thanks to her hard work under the supervision of her trainer, former Navy SEAL Logan Hood. Akerman is full of praise for the workouts that made her sweat and said, "My muscles have never had such tone. My body was noticeably different."

Hood's tip for getting results and keeping things interesting is to change one variable per workout: weight, intensity, or volume. He explains, "Increase the weight but lower the number of reps one day; lower your standard weight but add a set the next; use your standard weight but do more reps faster on another." Rotating variables is a great way to switch things up without making it too complicated.

So, you're wondering what exercises got Malin into superhero shape? Be forewarned: there are burpees involved! To see a video of five exercises in Hood's program,



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neonbee neonbee 8 years
I actually follow his advice. I like confusing my muscles. I must say that her body did get very toned, and so I shall try this workout.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
You can't lose with burpees. Those things are killer. That ball-slam move looks pretty good as well. I'll have to try this routine...I've been looking to spice up my workouts lately.
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