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Running and Endurance

Whether you are new to running and just want to increase the amount of miles you can do in a run, or if you are an experienced runner looking to improve your speed endurance – Runner's World has some advice for you. Here are three very different techniques to use to log the miles you want.

  • Gradual Adaption: This principle is simple and should sound familiar – you take one step at a time and gradually increase the amount of steps you take. This allows your body to adapt to the new stress you are putting on it. Add a distance, like a mile or a half a mile, to one of your runs a week.
  • Yasso 800s: Named after the avid runner Burt Yasso's training method. Running multiple 800s (two laps of a regulation track) in the minutes and seconds version of the hour and minutes of your marathon goal. So you need to run two laps in four minutes and 30 seconds if your marathon goal time is four hours, 30 minutes. Start at an appropriate pace and run four 800s in your first week (jogging in between for recovery), and add one lap a week until you are doing 10 laps a session.
  • Plyometrics: Try some explosive plyometric exercises focusing on your lower body. Form and quality trump quantity, so do few repetitions well or short rounds of the exercises. Selecting exercises that work the body in the same range of motion as running are preferable. So jumping forward and up onto a box (or step) will be more effective for your running than jumping side to side over a box. For video example of many plyo exercises check out Power Exercises from
  • There are many different approaches to increasing your endurance and you should shop around and try an approach that works for you. If it is not helping your running, try a new technique. There are four more explained at my favorite foot race finder on the web,


almostloli almostloli 9 years
running addiction. one of the very few addictions that are healthy haha
Spectra Spectra 9 years
The Yasso 800's are great if you have a track to work on. I did a similar version using a block near my house. I measured the distance and used really works if you do it right.
mrsgrillo mrsgrillo 9 years
plyometrics helped me alot, but I was a sprinter in HS. It really gave me the explosivness I needed.
OhMyShannon OhMyShannon 9 years
I have discovered that the best way to increase my endurance, besides the daily runs outside, is running uphill on a treadmill. I started out on a 1.5 and gradually increased to 3.5 and I feel a lot stronger and can run for longer periods when I'm outdoors.
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