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Running Sandals: Cool or Not?

The other day a runner ran past me (I was jogging, mind you) in a sandal. Stunned at the potential damage this person was doing to her lower body, I searched to find if such a thing as a running sandal actually existed. Turns out a few do exist, and I think I even found the exact shoe the runner sprinted past me in.

Basically a running sandal is a supportive running shoe made into a breathable sandal. The Xtension 3 from Bite ($79.99) even has a toe guard to keep your little piggies safe all the way home. Personally, I can't help but wonder why you wouldn't want to just wear your regular running shoes. Maybe I am missing the greatness that is running sandals, but I think I'll be sticking with my Brooks sneaks until someone convinces me otherwise. Convinced? Then buy them from Maybe you already love running sandals or maybe you hate them, so I'd love to hear from you all....

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Meredith3452053 Meredith3452053 4 years
Hi there. Well, I need these for my daughter who has a medical issue with her right pinky toe that prevents her from wearing closed toed shoes and sneakers. So, even though the majority of people may not see the benefit of these shoes, they forget that there are those of us who have unique challenges with parts of our, well, "parts." :)
Kunath Kunath 6 years
I love running sandals in the summer because I hate having hot feet! lol. And your toes can breathe, sweat, run through water, etc without needing socks. Another reason I would even wear them during winter is because running sandals remove the problem of "Black Toe" or bruising from impact during long runs. I have even lost a toenail or two from this injury and sandals prevent it completely. Have been looking for better and better brands of sandals to run in and look forward to trying many of these styles. Are their different types for high medium and low arches?? I have feel flatter than a duck and need stabilizers that prevent over-pronation which wrecks my knees without stabilizer soles. Have to have something like platform in my everyday shoes and boots due to this and never knew until a store clerk educated me and helped to find the best running shoes for my flat feetl
AmandaG AmandaG 9 years
Sounds perfect to me, I live in uber hot weather and during the summer I would totally wear these to run on the beach.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
no thanks
mominator mominator 9 years
I do not know but there is something about them that I like. I think they may look better on.
Allytta Allytta 9 years
who is saying it's not cool? my feet are dying inside those runing show in summer. and i belive they are quite comfortable and no toes will suffer. you people sometimes don't think at all. probably that's why it's acceptable in US to walk in anckle-shows in summer, or cowboys boots or stuff like that. it's for nomvermber-mid-april only.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
Oh, these are SO not a good idea. I've run through all sorts of terrain and I think sandals would just make your toes get so beat up. A few weeks ago, some idiot pulling out of a drive thru managed to run over my foot (she wasn't going too fast, but I was really pissed that she didn't stop all the way). If I'd been wearing sandals, I probably would have broken my toe. I'll stick with my Asics, thank you very much.
cubadog cubadog 9 years
I have a hard time believing that these would be overly great for your feet etc. What if you pronate or supinate? I just see mass injuries from these.
JEJJessica JEJJessica 9 years
since when are running shoes about fashion? i have a friend training for a marathon and she actually changes shoes in her workouts sometimes because her shoes and socks get soaked and give her hug blisters. Maybe the sandal would be an option for her or others that serious in training.
buffyanne buffyanne 9 years
I'm not primarily focused on fashion while I workout--I want a burn. These would be nice because my feet wouldn't be burning up. I like that it wouldn't trap in heat.
wiggle wiggle 9 years
In super hot weather those could be great - I would worry about blisers though. They certainly are not an attractive shoe.
misslarue misslarue 9 years
Not for me.
theworldloves theworldloves 9 years
hottpink hottpink 9 years
I dislike wearing shoes but I HATE wearing socks. My parents used to have to fight with me to wear them when I was little. These running sandals look interesting but I am with the rest of you...not sure if I would wear them. I have a slight knock knee so I might just stick to my New Balance.
ragus ragus 9 years
eeeek I just imagine an old guy wearing these with socks
georgie2 georgie2 9 years
No hot and smelly feet at the end of it? Just dust covered? some people don't like wearing shoes... I can see the market for them...
abbyk abbyk 9 years
eww. I think they're awful. Would you wear socks? I just don't see the greatness in sandal sneakers...I guess I'm more focused on my speed and tempo then the temperature of my feet. Plus I take my shoes off right when I am finished running.
millarci millarci 9 years
Interesting. I think they are worth a try. Personally, because I'm flat-footed and have a slight knock-knee, I think I'll stick to my regular sneakers. I'll probably feel more secure. However, I do like the idea. My feet get a little warm in sneakers. I would love to have my feet cool down with running sandals. Am I alone on this?
syako syako 9 years
I think these sandals might be good for trail runners in the summer going through puddles and small streams you won't have heavy wet sneakers weighing you down - still I doubt I'd ever wear them.
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
Yes they're ugly, but I NEVER wear shoes, except when I'm working out. I hate shoes, I call them "Feet Prisons" (haha anyone see that SNL?) Anyway, i think it'd be nice to have a little airflow down there. They kid of remind me of Tevas or Keens. I would love to use these for little jogs, walks etc! Maybe they'll make nicer looking ones one day. Hey people run Barefoot, so I'd imagine these are okay!
LadyP LadyP 9 years
Those things are so ugly!
CestLaVie CestLaVie 9 years
I think it's a great idea for people who run year round and in warmer weather want something to keep the feet cool.
krEnElk krEnElk 9 years
i think they're cool for people who have great form and are running experts. i have a tendency towards the trip and fall, so they are not for me!
betty666 betty666 9 years
heck no!
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