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Running Sneakers and Foot Arches

Your Feet Are Trying to Tell You Something

If you've ever purchased a pair of running shoes then you know that there is a lot of talk about your arches and pronation and it can all be very confusing. I came across this great illustration from Outside magazine that simplifies looking at your arches and using that info to buy proper running shoes. If you've ever wondered what kind of shoe fits your arch then here are some tips:

  1. Motion-Control Shoe: You have flat arches and probably pronate heavily (roll your foot inward) when you stride. You need a shoe with severe pronation control.
  2. Stability Shoe: You have a normal arch. You probably pronate slightly (roll your foot inward when you stride). You should look for a shoe with light or moderate pronation control.
  3. Neutral/Cushioning Shoe: You have high arches. You probably don't roll your foot when you run. If anything, you underpronate (roll outward). You should look for a soft, shock-absorbing shoe.

If you're not sure what your arch looks like, wet your bare foot and step onto a piece of paper or pavement to get your footprint.


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