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Run, Sugar Run: Join the RunningSugar Community

For me, running is not simply a love it or hate it issue. Like most relationships, my feelings about this form of locomotion are a little more complicated. My relationship to running seems more like an ongoing conversation. Sometimes it brings me joy, and other times running feels like a lot of work. Regardless, when I finish a crappy run, I'm more at peace with the world.

If you run for pleasure, exercise, or therapy, come join the ongoing conversation about the sport at RunningSugar. It's a section of the FitSugar Community dedicated to runners. Whether you consider yourself a runner or not, if you lace up your running shoes regularly, or even just semi-regularly, the group is rather inspirational. From the Boston Marathon to the best way to wear your hair when logging miles, RunningSugar covers a lot of ground.

After joining the group, to post in RunningSugar just click the "New Post" button in the upper right-hand corner of your computer screen. Then share your thought on running, reviews of your newest sneakers, or what distance you're training for.

Join The Conversation
Beckafit Beckafit 5 years
Hi! My name is Rebecka Walters and i love running! I live and grew up in Upper Lake California.  I've been trying to find a good support group for runners and came across running sugar. I started running about 2 years ago and have competed in one 10k race. I have my second coming up June 16th in napa, California. Although i love running with a passion, somedays it is hard to find some motivation. It would be great to talk to some other people who struggle with the same issues and what they do to keep on pushing. Anyone else have a 10k coming up?? thanks for listening! :)
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