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Running Terms

What Do You Know About Running?

Since today is National Running Day, we thought we'd offer up a quiz on the sport. Hopefully, working your gray matter will inspire you to work your body too and head out for a run.

What Do You Know About Running?

T/F: Running uphill can help make you a faster runner.

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RunningOnCoffee RunningOnCoffee 6 years
yahoo, 100%!
foxymardy foxymardy 6 years
Arthur Arthur 6 years
I'm pretty happy with my new Nike Frees. At $85, hard to complain (especially after decades of new balance). Now if I could just start running barefoot, that'd be cost free ;) Those Asics do look mighty snazzy.
Fitness Fitness 6 years
Oh Arthur! Not when you like to run in Asics Kayano 17s. But compared to biking, I agree it is dirt cheap.
Arthur Arthur 6 years
relatively inexpensive? running is dirt cheap.
Lo-Lo291303 Lo-Lo291303 6 years
This was more of a math quiz than a running quiz! LOL
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