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Running Warmup Ideas

Guarantee a Great Run With These Warmup Ideas

Runners fall into different camps when it comes to prepping for the road. Some don't warm up at all, others choose to jog a few minutes before ramping up the speed, and there are those who spend a few minutes doing specific moves before they start.

If you find yourself cramping up easily or feel like your muscles are tight when you start a run, then it's time to find the right warmup for you. These ideas can help! Do a combination of a few before you set off to really get your muscles primed for a great run, or warm up with a five- to 10-minute jog first before doing these. Listen to your body, and try out a few different warmup moves until you've found the perfect combination.

Heel and toe walks: Warm up your foot joints and lower-body muscles with heel and toe walks before a run. These are also great for helping prevent shin splints. Check out a simple prerunning toe- and heel-walk warmup here; do 10 of each to warm up.


Walking lunge warmup: These wake up your lower body and get your heart pumping. Start with doing 10-15 walking lunges; then turn around and do 10-15 more back to your starting point. Remember to never let your knee go past your ankles while you lunge; more on how to do a walking lunge here. Make it a complete warmup with this walking lunge variation warmup from Nike.

Standing active warmup: This one is great if you're at a busy track or park; you just need a little space on the grass to stand. High marches, leg swings, butt kicks, and more moves will warm up muscles and joints. Watch our video on how to do this standing active warmup for runners here.

Indoor warmup: If you're inside and don't have a lot of space, then this indoor dynamic warmup is ideal. Tabletops, planks, and wide squat walking will warm up muscles in the comfort of your own home.

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