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Winterize Your Workout: Deep Water Running

Winter isn't the kindest to runners. The cold air burns our lungs, the snow soaks our sneakers, and the ice can cause some nasty falls or injuries. There's always the treadmill, but it's so boring, and sometimes, I just feel like a hamster in a wheel.

If you have access to a pool, here's an option — run in the water. You can try treading water where you can't touch the bottom, since it's great for your cardiovascular system and your muscles. The only problem is it can get tiring quickly, and you'll only be able to tread for a few minutes. In order to be able to do a longer "run," I recommend getting a flotation belt ($25). They're fairly inexpensive, easy to strap on, and they won't get in the way of your arms or legs when you move.

The water offers amazing resistance to your entire body below your head, so running underwater is actually much more challenging than running outside. It's also easier on your joints, since you're not jarring your feet with each step. The water also keeps you cool, so you're not at risk for overheating. If you don't have a flotation belt, or don't have access to deep water, you can just walk or jog on the bottom of the pool, and still reap the benefits to your muscles, heart, and lungs.

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vanillabean vanillabean 7 years
Water workouts are challenging. Sometimes too much, and my brain has a difficult time grasping the fact that I am working out, even though I'm technically not sweating because I'm already wet! Tried Aqua Zumba once -- it was intense, but it's more fun in the studio.
runningesq runningesq 7 years
have you ever done it for a while, monday? it gets exhuasting
mondaymoos mondaymoos 7 years
... I can't imagine treading water to be a cardiovascular workout... It's only effort intensive if you MAKE it that way.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 7 years
treading water is a lot of work, especially without the belt. water polo anyone?? But i like working the belt as well. I miss the pool and gym. damn being sick again!! :shakes fist at illness:
sparklestar sparklestar 7 years
I do this in the pool at my gym and get some VERY odd looks! The pool isn't deep enough so I work my balance muscles by jogging along the bottom of it. ;)
apettit apettit 7 years
learned all about this in one of my classes last year - it's a great workout and it's a lot harder than it looks! I recommend going with a friend because I thought I looked silly on my own. happy pool running :)
runningesq runningesq 7 years
it's also a great workout for those healing an injury !
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