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SATC Helped Tyra Banks Shape Up

What began as a three-month fitness challenge among friends last January turned into a new lifestyle for Tyra Banks.

Once she began tracking calories, Tyra bought an elliptical machine to amp up her exercise. She explained her cardio regimen on her show recently like this:

I didn't work out like crazy, [but] I would exercise. I actually bought a treadmill and elliptical. I got rid of one of my couches in my living room and I watched Sex and the City episodes on the elliptical and treadmill. So Sex and the City lasted 30 minutes and that's how long I was on the elliptical.

Tyra also mentioned that her modeling career changed as her metabolism slowed. To hear why,


Working out doesn't come naturally to Tyra, she had to train herself to get off the couch — just like most of us. She didn't exercise while modeling and just relied on her metabolism. So when it changed, she moved on. She says,

My career as model changed because my metabolism changed. I didn't do Victoria's Secret because I wanted to. I did Victoria's Secret because my ass was getting big and I couldn't fit in Armani runway anymore.

I'd say that career move paid off, wouldn't you?

Image Source: Getty
ElectroPopTart ElectroPopTart 8 years
LOVE how honest she is about Victoria Secret career
poptart-princess poptart-princess 8 years
also, given my misandric tendencies, i often find myself wondering if men who have a predilection for naturally thin women do so because they are misogynistic control freaks and/or perhaps they're just trying to manifest some pedophile fantasy.
poptart-princess poptart-princess 8 years
chloe bella - guess what - i'm flat chested too. that's right, i can sprint without a bra on, you can't tell the back from the front. and wait, wait... i wear.. a size....4. my comment that was in reality directed to the mercilessly insane standards that models are expected to live up to, not at naturally thin women. lighten up.
chloe-bella chloe-bella 8 years
kimmie, my comment was in reference to models used in high fashion shows, which frequently involve avant garde designs that the vast majority of people would never wear. I wasn't talking about jeans and tank tops from your average mall store. Yes, as far as regular, everyday fashion goes, short and curvy women can look just as good or better than anyone.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 8 years
chloe bella, I've seen plenty of shorter, curvier women who look damn good in their clothes. In fact, some styles look BETTER on them than skinnier women. In some cases, a little cleavage and a little booty make the outfit look better than it would on someone without those features.
darc5204 darc5204 8 years
For me, the moral of the story is that even women with Tyra's VS body can't wear runway clothes. You have to maximize what you have, and dress accordingly. For the record, naturally thin is just one more type and shouldn't be derided as being "junior high".
chloe-bella chloe-bella 8 years
I personally think Tyra is extremely conflicted. I've watched the majority of the ANTM cycles, and she is NOT promoting plus sized models. There's usually one plus size girl per season, and she rarely even makes it to the final 5. I think Tyra wants to promote "real women in her personal life but that she also wants to remain true to the fashion industry. Does anyone remember the season where Kenya, who went from probably a 0 to a 2 or 4 was criticized for gaining weight? I know that a lot of models use drugs, but most were naturally thin before they even began modeling. As for the statement they look like "starving children" - guess what - many ARE children! Karlie Kloss is, what, 17? She became a highly successful runway model at the age of 14. When I was 14, I was 5'8 and 90 lbs, NATURALLY. As adult my natural weight hovers around 116, but thanks to my marathon training, I've added enough muscle to be around 125 lbs. And my ribs are very visible from the front and back. Does that make me unhealthy? Tyra, ADMITS that she never used to exercise at all, which is why she gained so much weight. But somehow that is considered "healthy" just by virtue of the fact that it's not abnormally thin? Not buying it. Sorry for the rant, but as you can see, I've developed quite a bitterness from decades of overweight, sedentary people talking down to me and telling me I'm unhealthy and unattractive just because I'm thinner than them.
cg130 cg130 8 years
I think Tyra looks great, and I think it's also great that she's so honest, but I find her attitude about her weight and her "plus-size" body to be strange.
dancinlaughin01 dancinlaughin01 8 years
i agree annebreal. i think its so sad that people think that clothes look best on tall, bony, thin people that make up less than 10 percent of the population. Having no curves, boobs or butt is not feminine. Most women have curves and i think women need to see how clothes would look on their bodies, not some model who represents so few people. Most models are underweight, so wether they are naturally thin or not, its still not healthy.
annebreal annebreal 8 years
Chloebella - I don't think that the current majority of runway models make the clothes look good. We know now, since the fleeting attempt at mandating "healthy" BMI models on the runway, that many are skeletal. Natural or not, when I look at fashion week pictures, 90% of the clothes hangers in heels distract from the outfit by how extremely thin they are, gaunt, unsmiling, dead-eyed. I think that standard of beauty is bizarre and extremely unhealthy to the girls they influence, if not the models themselves if they aren't naturally thin. To say that it's a fact that tall thin women look best in clothes isn't a fact at all, it's incredibly subjective. But I can agree with you that it's very ugly to rag on someone's size to boost one's own self-esteem (I also think the boost never actually works). But it's human nature. Fat, skinny, skin-color, nose-size, hair type...everyone's going to face a body snark. And often even though we've had our feelings hurt, we turn around and become offenders towards another group. So I say take that hurt, and that teasing, and remember it when someone's being bashed. I don't hate on the models themselves, I think the industry itself, collectively, is disgusting for the ideals they're peddling.
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
Watching TV on a machine is fantastic. :) I watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy one time on the elliptical. I had to slow my pace a bit so I could last 45 minutes instead of 25/30, but it made the time go by quickly! As soon as I get an apartment and can afford one, I'm getting an elliptical and hopping on that to watch TV at night. :)
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
I agree with Tisgirl. Also, I agree with Chloe Bella, too. There are some women that are naturally thin, petite, flat-chested, and suchlike. And these women are healthy. Many Asian women come to mind, including that poor Yale grad student who was recently murdered (she was about 4'-11" and 90 lbs). Given that she was set to marry, there was a man who found her attractive. :) Personally, I don't care if men find me attractive or not. When it comes to me, I care most about MY opinion -- am I happy with my appearance? Do I feel good? Do I look good? If my answer is yes to all of the above, I'm golden (as far as I'm concerned). ;) :)
cdelaney cdelaney 8 years
i agree, tlsgirl.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I love how Tyra preaches acceptance and then yo-yo's her weight all over the place.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
... and I really do admire Tyra for her persistence in trying to change the modeling world into accepting "plus" sized models.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
chloe, A LOT of models are not just "naturally thin" ... they have ribs that jut out and many have said that a coke habit and ciggs are what keep them skinny. there is a difference between naturally thin and what those models look like --- which is a cross between a starving child and an adolecent boy.
chloe-bella chloe-bella 8 years
Wow, poptart and spectra. Why is it ok to bash naturally thin women by saying things like they're not "attractive to real men" and why is it ok to criticize someone for having the body of a "junior high girl" if that's the body type they were born with? It's not socially acceptable to blatantly tell someone their unattractive because their overweight. The reason why designers prefer skinny models is that clothes look best on tall, thin women. It's just a fact. Conversely, VS is trying to sell bras, and bras look better on women with C cups than women with A cups. I was mercilessly made fun of for being naturally thin when I was growing up; it's sad that people need to bash perfectly healthy thin women just to make themselves feel better.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
So basically, she became attractive to real men; not the gay fashion designers that think women should look like toothpicks. I'd say she came out of the deal okay.
BleedLikeMe BleedLikeMe 8 years
god. that's exactly what I do too; watching sex and the city while exercising. I think this and nip tuck are the best shows to watch during cardio. no particular reason why.
poptart-princess poptart-princess 8 years
yeah, all those Victoria's Secret models with their big size 4 asses. she and Hedi were/are the only ones that didn't look like junior high girls.
bellaressa bellaressa 8 years
oh wow, very candid on why she did VS.
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