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SMG on Self, But Not Self Centered

Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of those celebrities that seems a bit more grounded, despite the fact that she too was a child actress. Recently, she deep dived with Self Magazine about what's it's like to be her...

Here are highlights:

Gellar follows a very strict eating plan that she summarizes in two words: good food. "I'm not much of a junk food eater. I like pretzels, but I'd rather have steak. I'd rather have a great meal. I'd rather dine.

It's a bit hard to believe Gellar puts away all that grub give that, at 5 foot 4, she's barely sample-size. But she works up an appetitive by being active virtually nonstop. As a child, she was ranked the third-best figure skater in New York state, and later she earned a brown belt in tae kwon do. Most recently, she's taken up tennis.

Usually I don't buy into celebrities saying that they eat a lot and don't gain weight, but somehow I feel like she's being honest. It seems she is just sensible about what she eats, but she'd never deny herself some tasty grub, especially since her hubby went to culinary school. Also, balancing off the tasty grub with some good old fashioned activity (skating and tae kwon do?!) is definitely a healthy way to live life. Plus, she's known to bike around New York City (man, I still love that bike) instead of using car, or a driver for that matter. Check out the rest of her great interview in the October issue of Self Magazine (on newsstands now).


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